Advocating for safe year-round use of St Marks Hill


March 2023:  Warren Park residents are awaiting a report from Transportation Services that will be presenting at the the April 12th TEYCC meeting. You can follow council's progress on item TE2.81 here > 

In Feb 2022 local residents organized to advocate for safe year round use of St. Mark's Rd. between Humbercrest Blvd. and Varsity Rd under the group, St. Mark's Hill Safety. In 2022 we engaged with Councilor Perk and his team and transportation services to build an understanding of the issue and drive action. In 2023 we launched Warren Park's Urban Planning Design Challenge, inviting students to design a complete streets solution to St. Mark's Hill. We hosted Warren Park's first Winterfest to build an awareness of road safety, and to promote community engagement and visioning, as well as support of a safe route to school for our neighbourhood students. In cooperation with EcoSchools Canada and Ontario Active School Travel, we hosted a Winter Walk to School Day

CBC coverage of our events and initiatives has brough our story to the boarder Toronto community, and we're continue to work with community and industry partners to create opportunities for student and community engagement as we work with our Councilor and city staff towards a solution.

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1. The issue of safe, year-round access

Each day St Marks hill serves students, public transit commuters and elderly citizens as the only access point to Jane street from the Humber Valley. 

This picture, dated Feb 2nd, 2022, was taken just before the start of the school day.  Accidents like this are not infrequent on the Saint Marks hill.

Spring of 2021 TEYCC approved a 4-way stop at the top of St. Marks Rd and Humbercrest Blvd installing it soon after and further complicating the issue of hill safety.

2. Resolutions we're currently seeking from city staff

Short term solution 

We are awaiting recommendations from city staff regarding a temporary safety solution for the hill.
[Last updated Jan. 26 2023}

Long term solution 

A proposal from Transportation Services will be presented at April 12th's TEYCC meeting. We're requesting that Transportation review their proposal with Warren Park residents before presenting at the meeting. 

[Last updated Mar 26 2023]

3. Does this community issue matter to you? Get involved! 

Join the SMHS Facebook Group for community discussion and updates.

Contact city staff at 311 Toronto and at Gord Perks Office to let them know your concerns. 

Get in touch with to join the committtee working on this issue. 

4. Background Information

On February 22nd 2022 residents of Warren Park saw an accident involving 6 cars on the hill that collided on the road and sidewalk, just minutes before children began making their walk up the hill to school that morning. It was a sobering reminder that St. Marks hill poses a serious threat to pedestrians and cyclists and that a road redesign is needed to ensure safe travel up and down the hill for all users in all seasons.

This incident prompted residents to form the facebook group St. Marks Hill Safety, a group dedicated to advocating for pedestrian and cyclist safety on the hill. Aligned with the WPRA, together we are working with our local councillor, Gord Perks, and community to see that the city will follow through with the road redesign and that the solution reflects the needs of our community.

This issue has been complicated by the recent imposition of a 4-way stop that council voted through on April 21st. 

We are continuing to communicate with Councilor Gord Perks and City of Toronto staff to work towards a solution. 

Thank you for being an engaged community member and we look forward to working together on a solution!

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