Status: Various Stages

1. Overview

There are four Toronto Water Infrastructure Improvement projects either underway or recently completed along the River: 

The Main projects relating to our Community are the Warren Park Forcemain Twinning and the Warren Park SPS (one of the 7 Sewage Pumping Stations) 

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3. History and Updates

Warren Park SPS Forcemain Twinning Class EA:

Class Environmental Assessment Study initiated in April 2022

A new forcemain was installed under the River as part of the Baby Point SPS Forcemain construction

After the Environmental Assessment, the work will proceed to design

Construction is anticipated to start in late 2023 or early 2024

Upgrades to 7 Sewage Pumping Stations [including Warren Park SPS]:

Construction trailers (for the entire project) were installed in the park at Pasadena and St Marks in early 2022

Construction on all 7 stations is expected to be complete by the end of 2024

Warren Park SPS upgrades are expected to be complete in late-Fall of 2022

The Construction compound at Pasadena and St Marks will remain until the end of the ENTIRE “7 stations” project, so end of 2024

Baby Point SPS Forcemain Replacement

Initiated in 2020

Project essentially complete

Minor restoration work to be completed in 2022.

Basement Flooding Project [Near the Old Mill]

Construction started in Fall 2021

Work to be completed in Fall of 2022

4. Next Steps

The next Public Meeting for the Warren Park Forcemain Class EA is tentatively scheduled for Fall 2022.

When available we'll post the event here and on the Warren Park calendar. 

5. Get involved

Are you particularly keen on keeping the community on top of this issue? WPRA is looking for community representatives to look out for new information and events relating to this project and update the community via this website.