St Marks Hill All-Way Stop

The 4-way is now installed

On April 21st, 2022, Gord Perks and TEYCC approved a 4 way stop at the top of the Saint Mark's hill at Humbercrest without community consultation. 

Please follow the St. Mark's Hill Safety Page for further updates from city staff and community representatives working to create a safe way for pedestrians and cyclists to share this road with motor vehicles.


On April 13th 2022, residents received a letter from Councillor Gord Perks stating that he will be supporting the Transportation Services recommendation to install an all-way stop at Humbercrest Blvd and St. Marks Rd at the April 21st Toronto East York Community Council (TEYCC) meeting. With only 8 days notice, community members sent over 45+ communications (presumed to be letters stating concern). Despite these communications and the 3 deputations given at the meeting, Gord Perks supported the 4-way stop and TEYCC voted to pass item TE32.66. 

At the meeting, TEYCC was advised by Dan Clement of Transportation Services that the all-way stop would increase the safety at the intersection. He was not able to comment on effects of the all-way stop on the safety of the roads immediately surrounding the intersection, most notably the St Marks Hill. All EYCC members but Councillor Paula Fletcher voted in support of the all-way stop, including Gord Perks.

Significant Dates

Members of SMHS, WPRA, school and community representatives met Gord, his assistant Clive, and Transportation staff to walk the hill and discuss safety, maintenance concerns, as well as short term and long term measures that can be taken to increase safety on the hill. View the update >

TEYCC's (Toronto and East York Community Council) meeting where Item TE322.66 was voted on. Three community members presented deputations at the meeting. Despite our efforts, TEYCC passes item TE32.66 to install a all-way stop at St. Marks Road and Humbercrest Blvd. That evening 35+ community members gather on the Humber River Community Board FB group for a Live event to review the meeting and discuss next steps. View the TEYCC meeting here >

45+ community members express their concern regarding the proposed all-way stop to both Councillor Gord Perks' office and Toronto East York Community Council.

Councillor Gord Perks sends a letter stating his support of Traffic Engineers recommending the all-way stop at Humbercrest Blvd. and St. Marks Road. This is the first the community hears about the proposed change. 

Councillor Gord Perks sends a letter to the TEYCC stating he will support the recommendation from Transportation to install an  all-way stop at the top of Saint Marks hill. 

A six-car crash occurred on the hill, with vehicles sliding into the sidewalk. Snow had been cleared. This was due to icy conditions on the hill that morning.  The snowfall of Jan 17th was not a contributing factor to the accident on Feb 2nd.  

A major snowstorm dumped 55cm of snow over a period of 15 hours. Councillor Gord Perks referenced this "once in a decade occurrence" as the reason for the 6 car accident, on Feb 2nd.  The reality was that the accident in question occurred two weeks after the snowfall, once the roads had been cleared of snow, and additional accidents happened later in 2022.

Emails of involved Government Representatives and Employees

Toronto East York Community Council 

Gord Perks, Local Councillor 

Constituant Assistant

TEYCC Members who voted on TE 32.66 (for) (for) (for) (against) (for) (for) (for)

Toronto Transportation Representative present at the April 21st Council Meeting 


TEYCC 2022/04/21 Meeting

2:13:40 item TE32.66 is introduced
2:14:15 Deposition:  Sandy Radecki
2:21:20 Deposition:  Erika Fraser
2:30:15 Deposition:  Nathan Fraser
2:36:50 Councillor Gord Perks: questions, comments and vote